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Transplant Coordination

Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Overview

In the 2018 Statement of Work (SOW), CMS delegated one of the Quality Improvement Activities (QIAs) to focus on improving transplant coordination in 30% of facilities located in the Network service area. The Transplant Coordination QIA is intended to promote early referral to transplant, assist patients and providers in addressing barriers identified throughout the referral process, and ultimately increase the number of ESRD patients on a kidney transplant waitlist. CMS’ goal over the next five years is to move from the 2016 national average of 18.5% to 30% by 2023.

The current goal of the QIA is to increase the number of patients on a waiting list by 10 percentage points; thereby, improving from the Network baseline of 13.47% to 23.47% by the end of the project year, which concludes in September.

If you have any questions regarding the Transplant Coordination QIA, please feel free to contact me.

Network Project Lead:

Katy Chappelear, Patient Services Director