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Facility and Patient Engagement

Project Overview

As directed by CMS, the Network must provide technical assistance to 30% of dialysis facilities within the Network service area, to help support patient and family engagement activities. These activities include the following: establishing and/or educating patients about support groups/new patient adjustment groups, peer mentoring programs, and/or patient councils; incorporating patient, family and caregiver participation into Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) and/or governing body; and with increasing active patient participation in the care planning process. 

The goal of the project is to increase facility activities related to each of the three areas. Specifically, the Network must obtain the following goals:

  • 50% relative improvement in the number of facilities that implement support groups/new patient adjustment groups/patient councils or that provide access to information about various groups
  • 75% relative improvement in the number of facilities that include patients/caregivers/family in monthly QAPI meetings and/or governing body
  • 10% relative improvement in the number of patients/caregivers/family members involved in the development of individualized care planning

Network Project Lead:
Katy Chappelear, Patient Services Director

National Coordinating Center (NCC) Learning and Action Network (LAN) Calls

National Patient & Family Engagement(NPFE) Learning and Action Network (LAN) Resources

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