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Bloodstream Infections (BSI)

Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Overview

The 2020 Statement of Work requires that ESRD Networks work with at least 20% of facilities with highest excess bloodstream infection rates, as reported to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).  As such, 98 facilities were chosen for intervention, based on January 2019 through June 2019 NHSN bloodstream infection rate data. The target facilities have a project goal to achieve a 20% or greater relative reduction in the pooled mean bloodstream infection rate at re-measurement. 

For the 2020 long-term catheter (LTC) reduction project, CMS has changed the project measurement methodology. This year, ALL long-term catheters in ALL facilities count toward the catheter reduction goal. We are asking that every facility reduce their long-term catheters by one catheter by July 31. We will also be providing focused assistance with this effort for 32 facilities with LTC rates > 15%. These facilities have a facility-specific goal to achieve by July 2020, also based on July 2019 catheter rates.

Network Project Leads:

BSI - Kristi Durham, Quality Improvement Specialist

LTC – Sheila McMaster, Quality Improvement Director

Orientation Webinars and Infographic Sheets

BSI Facilities

LTC Facilities

National Coordinating Center (NCC) BSI QIA Learning and Action Network (LAN) Calls