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Bloodstream Infections (BSI)

Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Overview

The 2018 Statement of Work requires that ESRD Networks work with at least 50% of facilities with highest bloodstream infection rates, as reported to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).  As such, 202 facilities were chosen for intervention: 85 target facilities and 117 outlier facilities, based on January 2017 through June 2017 NHSN bloodstream infection rate data. The target facilities have a project goal to achieve a 20% or greater relative reduction in the pooled mean bloodstream infection rate at re-measurement.  From the 50% of facilities in the Network’s service area reporting the highest BSI rates, 37 facilities were identified with a long-term catheter (LTC) in use rate above 15%, based on June 2017 vascular access data.  The LTC facilities have a project goal to achieve a 2% reduction in the LTC rate. 

Network Project Leads:

BSI - Kristi Durham, Quality Improvement Coordinator

LTC – Pam Stephens, Quality Improvement Nurse