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5 Diamond Patient Safety Program

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Important new features were added to this program in 2014, and they are described below.

Network 8, Inc. supports the efforts of each dialysis facility to incorporate patient safety into their organizational culture. In October 2009, the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program was introduced to facilities in Network 8.  Co-developed by the Network of New England and the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition, the voluntary, self-paced education program is designed to help dialysis facilities implement patient safety principles among both staff and patients.

Beginning in 2014, the program is an automated, online, national educational resource consisting of 15 modules that include the tools and resources necessary to implement each patient safety concept. Modules may be completed for recognition or simply viewed as a resource. 

For each module successfully completed during a program year, the facility earns one “Diamond.” Upon successful completion of five modules, the facility is recognized as a 5-Diamond Patient Safety Facility and may download a certificate recognizing that accomplishment.

Each program year runs on a 12-month cycle, from January 1 to December 31. For 5-Diamond recognition, all 5 modules must be completed in the same calendar year.  5-Diamond status is good for one year. Facilities may maintain their 5 Diamond status an additional program year by completing the mandatory Patient Safety Principles module and two additional modules.

All participating facilities that receive at least 1 diamond will be recognized as follows:

1 - 4 Diamond Facilities

  • Facility recognized on the 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program website

5 Diamond Facilities

  • Facility Recognized on the 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program website
  • Downloadable certificate to display in the facility

To learn more about the 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program or to register your facility, please visit


List of Diamond Status Facilities


The 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program was collaboratively developed by the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition (MARC) and the ESRD Network of New England and is endorsed by the Renal Physicians Association (RPA) and American Nephrology Nurses’ Association (ANNA).

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