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Are you trying to locate a dialysis facility anywhere in the country, or would you just like to know how your facility compares with others in your area?

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Patient Centered Care

Network 8 encourages patient and family engagement by employing patient-centered care which is a model that entails ESRD providers partnering with beneficiaries and their families to identify and satisfy the full range of beneficiary needs and preferences. Patient-centered care includes the whole person and family, respects individual values and choices, and ensures continuity of care. Below are staff resources to promote patient- centered care at the facility level.  

Home Modality Options

Network 8 offered a free WebEx on the benefits of educating patients about home modality options. The speaker was Dori Schatell, Executive Director of the Medical Education Institute (MEI). The WebEx provided strategies and educational tools for working with patients to promote the best modality for them.

Click here to view the presentation.

WebEx Introduction

Prior to implementing the QIA and campaigns for 2014, Network 8 conducted a Patient-Centered Care Web-Ex with Dori Schatell, MS, Executive Director of the Medical Education Institute (MEI) as the speaker. If you would like to view a recording of the Web-Ex please click here.

Educational Modules for Professionals

Throughout the summer of 2015, Network 8 will offer a series of monthly recorded audio modules to promote patient centered care. Continue to visit our website for new modules!

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Patient Centered Care Handout

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