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ESRD Outpatient Medications Project Report Posted

Report overview

In July 2004, CMS entered a contract with Network 8, Inc. to establish a baseline for medication use by ESRD (CKD Stage 5) dually-enrolled patients and to identify drug-related issues specific to the population with ESRD to assist in the implementation of Part D of the MMA.

The University of Mississippi Department of Pharmacy Administration served a key role as project subcontractor. Based on their prior investigation of medication usage among elderly Medicare beneficiaries, the pharmacy school worked in cooperation with Network 8, Inc. and CMS to receive and merge CMS data files, create profiles, and produce query-driven reports of drug interactions.

Using that data and a review of the literature, a nationally-drawn technical expert panel (TEP) guided the classification of ESRD medications to identify appropriate and inappropriate usage in this special population. As transplant recipients and patients at lower CKD stages do not meet CKD Stage 5 criteria, the focus did not include these populations. Two renal community comment periods enabled the TEP to receive valuable information which, over the course of three meetings, was incorporated into the final report.

The final report, submitted on June 30, 2005, establishes a drug categorization scheme tailored to this special population and it identifies medications that should always be available as well as those that should always be avoided (see report Appendix). These findings can be used to promote improved and safer formularies for ESRD patients, help identify coverage issues in the MMA that may need to be addressed, and guide prescription drug plans (PDPs) in any marketing of non-covered MMA drugs to the population with ESRD.

For further information or a copy of the report, please contact

Sheila McMaster, MSN, ACNP, CNN
Network 8, Inc.
P.O. Box 55868
Jackson, MS 39296-5868
(601) 936-9260
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