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Are you trying to locate a dialysis facility anywhere in the country, or would you just like to know how your facility compares with others in your area?

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Grievance Quality Improvement Activity

CMS requires ESRD Networks to implement this project in an effort to collaborate with facilities to promote their internal grievance process.  The goal is for patients to feel comfortable addressing environmental, interpersonal, and operational issues with the facility. The ten project facilities must decrease their facility‚Äôs average grievance score by 20%. The score will be determined by review of their monthly grievance logs.

The project requires facilities to document all grievances and the resolution on a CMS designed form and submit the logs monthly to the Network for scoring.  If you need assistance with improving the grievance process, please contact Katy Chappelear, Network 8 Patient Services Director to discuss (601-813-0752 or

Tools and Resources

CMS Grievance Log

Introductory Webinar

Why Am I Cold? - Patient Brochure

Talk with Your Care Team - Patient Handout

Treatment Time Complaints - Staff Handout

Better Communication = Better Health - Staff Handout

Understanding Professionalism and Boundaries in ESRD - Educational Module