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Board of Directors  

Network bylaws provide that the board of directors will be composed of 8-12 individuals from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.  Each member may serve two three-year terms, although up to three members are exempt from this limit and may serve an additional three years. Terms begin on July 1, and appointments typically are made at the last quarterly meeting prior to June 30.  In years when maximum tenure is reached, approximately 10-20% of members are appointed.  No members are compensated for their service. Nominations are accepted from Network Council Facility Representatives, and self-nominations are welcomed.

2017 Board of Directors

Board Members  Term expiration Affiliation
A. Randle White, MD, Chairman June 30, 2018 FMC
Renay Camp, RN, CNN, Secretary/Treasurer June 30, 2020 FMC
Gary Davis, MD June 30, 2020 DaVita/Independent
Chris Elrod, Patient Representative June 30, 2019 Independent
Elsie S. Holmes, Patient Representative June 30, 2019 Independent
Floy Lambert June 30, 2020 Independent
William V. Morris, III, MBA June 30, 2020 Independent
Charles Thomas, MD June 30, 2020 DaVita
Lucius F. Wright, III, MD June 30, 2019 DCI



Due to HIPAA Email encryption and authentication standards, Network 8 is not permitted to send or receive patient-specific data via Email. Please do not send patient-specific data to Network 8 via Email. As always, use phone, fax or regular mail. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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